About Our Cordials

Billsonís Brewery Premium Gourmet Cordials

Our cordials are non-alcoholic. Unlike 'ordinary' cordials, these fine blends have been faithfully produced according to traditional recipes using only the finest of ingredients.

These old fashioned full strength country CORDIALS are made with pure, natural, mountain spring water, which has filtered down from the Alpine areas surrounding historic Beechworth in north-eastern Victoria.

These drinks are bottled in glass to retain their freshness and flavour. They have a shelf life of at least 2 years. They do not need refrigeration, although it is recommended that they be stored out of direct sunlight.

Each bottle holds 700mls. If used in a mixer drink you would average 15-20 standard drinks per bottle.

All flavours can mix together to make a wide range of new flavours. For more ideas visit the recipe page.


About Cordial

A premium quality non-alcoholic range of gourmet mixer drinks has become available for you and your family's drinking enjoyment.

The word cordial came originally from a Latin word cordialis which meant heart.

A cordial was medicine, food or drink which stimulated the heart.

A cordial is, traditionally, an aromatized and sweetened spirit.

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