Recipe Ideas

Suitable for all ages and palates our cordials can be served hot or cold, sipped as one would a cocktail or blended as refreshing long drinks. Try out some of these recipe ideas:

Add soda water or lemonade to savour the flavour. Terrific cocktail mixer, pour over ice cream, add to a cold milk drink, add a dash to your beer, mix with rum or serve with hot water for a satisfying winter warmer.

This is something completely different. (Remember O.T. cordial) Try it as a long drink over ice with soda or lemonade and a twist of lemon and for another wonderful winter warmer try our Winter Toddy - Chilli, Lemon Ginger and Peppermint in equal parts then add hot water. And what about Finbar’s Fury - Lemon Ginger and Chilli with warm water. For a sweeter winter drink try mixing Raspberry, Cloves and Chilli! Add a splash to a fruit punch or fruit juice for an exciting kick. Alter the taste of lemon squash for ever, add this and enjoy the sensation. Great mixed with your home brew for another taste delight.

The purists would drink this with Rum as an excuse to cure colds, or Brandy to allay stomach upsets, or Whisky to warm the cockles of the heart. It is also popular for its distinctive flavour with soda or lemonade or dry ginger ale. Add a dash to your favorite hot or cold herbal tea or just savour with hot water. Try our Bolan Green - Lime with Cloves. For something different, try Cloves with cola or for the sweeter tooth, Cloves with Raspberry. If you like apple pie, try Spiced Apple with Cloves and warm water.

For a completely different taste add shot Tequila, shot of Cloves and top up with Lemonade

The flavour of bitters combines well with the tang of lemon and lime. A versatile mixer. Mix with soda water, and crushed ice on a hot summers day for a refreshing pick me up, or let your imagination take over with your own mixing preferences.

This one has many uses. Lemon with a difference! Tangy, full bodied lemon flavour with a dash of ginger - superbly refreshing drink mixed with soda or to wash away those winter blues enjoy it in your cosy surrounds with hot water - very soothing. Lift it to another dimension with a dash of Chilli Punch – hot or cold. Don’t forget the hot Winter Toddy - Lemon Ginger, Chilli, Peppermint in equal portions with hot water. And don’t forget Finbar’s Fury - Lemon Ginger with Chilli Punch. To frighten off those winter colds try Lemon Ginger, Brandy, with a dash of honey and warm with water - gotta love this one!

Try for yourself - this proves that not all lime cordials are created equal. Unmistakable quality through to the last drop. Strong, but yet delicate flavour. Ideal summer refresher, or use as one of the universal mixers. For a velvety touch add a drop of Cloves and serve with ice. For a delightful fruity drink try mixing Lime with Spiced Apple. Great to unwind after a hard day with a Brandy, lime and soda or lemon, or for a change, what about Vodka. Lime and soda! Terrific in summer as a white wine spritzer - that will cool you in the heat.

The combinations with this delightful, light tropical explosion of summer are endless. For the perfect Cruiser, mix with a duo of orange and pineapple juices, add your favourite spirit Vodka, Bacardi or another White Rum and top up with Mountain Dew. Coconut Canal add to cordial, 1 tablespoon Gin, tin Condensed Milk, 1 Tsp Angostura Bitters and top up with Soda Water. To give your Banana Split a special summer taste, pour a little Lime & Coconut over the split and add a teaspoon of grated chocolate for a real culinary treat.

For a refreshing drink, serve with ice-cold soda. For the ultimate spider add a scoop of ice cream, then top up with soda water. For a treat try it in a milkshake. To mix a delicious cocktail combine with Gin or Bourbon and Soda, mint leaves and ice for a Derby Day treat. Terrific with Tequila or Vodka for a cruiser.

What about a Spreamint Float - place couple scoops vanilla icecream into a large glass, pour mint julep over it and add splash coke.

Mix with chilled soda water and enjoy after a meal to cleanse the palate and settle the stomach. A versatile mixer, try it with Vodka, Whisky or Rum, delicious in milk, great as a milkshake, or poured over ice cream.

For a magnificent choc-mint drink - add a dash to your hot or cold chocolate drink. If peppermint tea is your fancy, add a dash to hot water or a drop in your white tea. To freshen up the palate mix Peppermint with Cloves, hot or cold water and sip.

Add it to your Brandy or Scotch when drinking them neat- about 50/50


Mix our Sicilian Blood Orange with vodka, ice and soda water for a delightful summer cruiser. How about a dash with champagne for that something special? Or follow a meal with a Sicilian Blood Orange sorbet? The opportunities with this zesty flavour are endless!

Delightful raspberry/cola taste. A great favourite with those who enjoy a sweeter, softer flavour. Mixes extremely well with cool spring water or soda water. Makes a lovely milkshake or spider mixed with lemonade and ice cream. If root beer is to your liking, try adding Portello to Sarsparilla and add soda water. For an exciting different finish try combining with Chilli Punch. Try our Portello with milk for that special flavoured milk drink you won't find anywhere else!

El Diablo. Pour 60ml Tequila over ice cubes, add 30ml Portello, top up with Chilli Punch and soda water or ginger ale and add squeeze lime then add Lime wedge to glass to serve

(Sunday school picnic cordial). Traditional, delicate, yet full of fruit. The vinegar is used to heighten the flavour on the palate. puridy the blood, and settle the stomach. Enjoy with chilled spring water, soda water or lemonade. Pour over ice cream, mix with cocktails, or even use as a baste when roasting poultry. For a fruity flavour add equal quantities of Raspberry and Spiced Apple - and for a warmer touch add hot water.  Try adding equal quantities of Raspberry Vinegar and Sarsaparilla. For a refreshing touch after a long hot day mix Raspberry with Vodka, Rum or for a real kick - Cointreau. This is one of the 'true tastes of history'.
Warm Beetroot Salad:
Two home cooked beets- or whole canned baby beets drained and dried well.
1 cup of rocket
80 grams of Feta Cheese
One Leek – only use the white section.
2 cloves of garlic.
Raspberry Vinegar Cordial – approx. 2 teaspoons and the same amount of olive oil.
Saute leek and garlic in a little olive oil until softened.  Allow to cool and place in salad bowl.   Meanwhile warm the beetroot through on pan where leeks were sautéed so they pick up on the flavours on the pan.   Add beets, feta and rocket to the leek then pour over dressing and toss.    Goes well with Bar-b-qued lamb or beef.
Pink Champagne
To one champagne flute add; 1/2 teaspoon of Raspberry Vinegar cordial, then top up with your favourite 'bubbly' and garnish with a fresh Raspberry. Serve chilled.

This unique flavour full flavoured drink originated from the West Indies and is reputed to purify the blood and balance the hormones. Quaff with chilled lemonade, soda water or spring water. For an American similarity, try Sarsaparilla mixed with Portello. Try adding it to cola for a difference, and to add a real spark add a drop to beer. For a taste of the magnificently unusual try it with milk - or one-step better, a milkshake.

A fresh apple cider style drink, which has been gently spiced with cinnamon. Drink it with chilled soda water or dry ginger ale. Another winter warmer when taken with hot water or add a dash to our traditional Cloves Cordial and warm water. Want an exciting apple liqueur; mix it with equal parts of Brandy and a dob of cream. Add hot water to brighten that dreary winter night - also add a dash of Raspberry to this mix - yum! If you like the fruity flavour try adding a touch of our Lime and Apple with soda or after a long hot day crushed ice and spring water. If cruisers are your preference add Vodka to apple and soda.

'Oranges and lemons ring the bells of St Clements' … before going any further reciting nostalgic jingles, take the time to indulge in this bitter orange and lemon drink. Mix with soda, Ginger or even Chilli (for the brave at heart) and show the young ones why it is so good that people begun to sing about it! If Mexican is your thing add to a Margurita-o’la. Your Gin and Tonic won’t ever be the same after you put this in with Gin and soda water.

Check back regularly as we add to our recipes.

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